Iain Hood

Iain Hood was born in Glasgow and grew up in the seaside town of Ayr. He studied for a BSc at the University of Glasgow and a PGCE at Jordanhill College, and then worked in education in Glasgow and the West Country. He moved to Cambridge in 1998. During these years he attended the University of Manchester to complete an MA in Novel Writing. He continues to live in Cambridge with his wife and daughter. He joined Angles in 2017 and workshopped his writing with the support of the other writers, greatly sharpening the focus of his attempts at writing novels.

Iain’s first published novel, This Good Book, will come out through Renard Press in June 2021. Set in Glasgow from 1988 to the present day, This Good Book follows two artists as they live, love, get drunk, create successful and failed art, squabble, fight and commit to an art project that risks ultimately destroying one or both of them. It will be Iain’s fourth in terms of novels written.

Read more about Renard here: https://renardpress.com/about/
Follow Iain’s journey to publication here: https://twitter.com/iain_hood
Portrait of Iain by Jeremy Andrews: http://www.jeremyandrewsartist.com