Melissa Fu

Melissa grew up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico and moved to Cambridge in 2006. Her professional backgrounds are in physics, English education, and teaching. Writing is she brings together her myriad strands of thought and experience.

Themes that fascinate her include home, belonging, landscape, and the evolution of relationships. She is currently working on a collection of memoir-style pieces based on growing up in the Rocky Mountains. She has another set of pieces in the works called ‘non-parabolic trajectory’ which trace her zig-zag paths from A to B. She also has a blog where she writes weekly about whatever is in front of her when she sits down.

Because it’s so easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, Melissa decided to make her blog a forest of one tree: one tree bohemia (
 In addition to her own writing, she has a passion for leading writing workshops, and is especially interested in finding ways for writers to claim and hone their voices. Her years of teaching experience have convinced her that everyone has valuable perspectives to offer.  Given time, space, and loving attention, these insights can emerge and be polished into gems for friends, family and not-yet-discovered kindred spirits. For more information about Melissa’s workshops in Cambridgeshire and online, please visit her website.

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